PG Hom

Advantages of P.G. (Hom.) over other postgraduate courses

  1. Save your precious time – Course duration of 1 year. No entrance test required. Additionally, save time that you would spend on personally attending and traveling for seminars/lectures.

  2. Higher Flexibility – You get to choose the topic of your thesis as per your preference. Thus, you can focus on and gain knowledge and mastery in the area that you are genuinely interested in.

  3. Different schools, single platform – Gain knowledge from various schools of homeopathy on a single platform without any bias towards or against any one school of thought.

  4. Global Access – The learning aspect is not limited by your region or country. You can do this course from anywhere on the globe. There is seamless exchange of knowledge.

  5. Universal standard faculty – Learn from 100+ best international homeopathic practitioners and teachers.

  6. Continuous enhancement of Knowledge and skills – You can continue to access our lectures for a period of 2 years after completion of the course. Isn’t that what you expect minimum from any course?

  7. High-quality videos – Rich treasure of 800+ hours of high-quality videos, which is the highest video material on Homeopathy owned by a single organization anywhere in the world

  8. Learn Anytime Anywhere – With the convenience of virtual classrooms, you can conveniently learn at your pace, place and time. All the workshops, lectures, seminars are videotaped and edited for easy viewing.

  9. Cost effective advantage – Highly reasonable fee structure with various payment options to ease your financial burden.